Get Involved

You can make a donation to Community Link through at any time. Donations made on Colorado Gives Day will be added to via the $1 Million Incentive Fund created by the Colorado Gives partners. No fees are charged to any party. If you wish to make a direct cash donation, please send a check to Finance, c/o Community Link, 6290 Lookout Road, Boulder, CO 80301.

We are interested in using volunteers as another means of connecting people we serve with our community. We would welcome your contribution of teaching a class, or assisting with supervising and mentoring a group of individuals in community activities. If you would like to become involved as a volunteer in one of these endeavors, or if you have ideas for other ways to participate, please contact Christina Roy at 720-266-2791.

We are also seeking volunteers for general administrative, data entry, filing duties and financial planning. If you are interested in these types of contributions, please contact Christina Roy at 720-266-2791.

Provide work for our crews
Our Employment Access program emphasizes contributing to the community by doing volunteer work for other non-profits in Boulder County. We currently do things such as delivering Meals on Wheels, other food items and library books, distributing newsletters and flyers, and helping clean public parks. If you are with a non-profit organization that might be able to use a group of people we serve to help you out by volunteering on a regular basis, please contact Trent Merrifield at 720-308-8160.

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