Family Link

Family Link is Community Link’s newest division created by a group of local parents who held a common belief it would be difficult to guarantee safety and a good quality of life for their children after they were no longer present or able to provide support.

Family link assists families to create their vision of “a good life” for their loved one and then provides the support to make this vision a reality. To make this happen Family Link offers assistance with developing a Personal Future Plan and establishing a loving and caring Personal Network in the life of the loved one with a disability.  Family Link also offers workshops and opportunities for families to share and relate experiences as they join together to secure the future of their loved ones.

Family Link is guided by four core values:
•    Family leadership and control.
•    Friends form the foundation of a safe, secure and enriched life.
•    Independence from government funding makes us a more effective organization.
•    People with disabilities have an important contribution to make to our community.

Family Link is being developed and guided by a group of parents who have been meeting and planning for more than a decade. If you are interested in more information or becoming a member of Family Link please go to

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