Erie Village Washburn

Family Caregiver

For some families, the best structure is to continue providing services to their family member directly. This option gives individuals in services the choice to continue living at home or family members who can support their needs.

Host Home

Based on the foster care model, an individual in services resides in the home of his or her caregiver, and is supported in the home environment as an equal member of the family. 

Personal Care Alternative

Those individuals with independent skills to live on their own, but may need occasional in-home or community supports. Staff are available to be with the individual to assist with housekeeping tasks, medical appointments, and community access.

Personal Story

CK is a young woman who grew up in the Longmont area.  Coming from a troubled past, she entered our services in early adulthood with only the clothes on her back and not much else to her name.  CK struggles with not only an intellectual disability, but a neurodegenerative disorder that prevents her brain from speaking well with her muscles.  

Over the years, as her illness has worsened and her support needs have increased, our team has worked closely with each of her caregivers and have worked to not only meet her needs medically by finding the right equipment, the right wheelchair, the right home, attending her doctors’ appointments, advocating for the right pharmacological interventions, etc; we have also met her needs by supporting her social network of friends, advocates, and staff.  Everyone who meets CK is touched by her loving heart, her beautiful smile that lights up any room, and her gentle strength in the face of adversity.  

Though we can do little to slow the progress of the symptoms that each day affect her life, we consider her to be one of the biggest success stories of our services as she teaches us all what it means to be person-centered, and to love without condition, she she shows by example daily.

Personal Story

A ceramic artist and music collector, CD lives in the heart of his community in Louisville. Living independently in his own condo is a point of pride for CD, who was told from an early age that he would not walk, let alone thrive on his own. Not only does CD enjoy his independence daily with staff support in his PCA environment, but he also pursues his passion of creating and selling pottery with the Boulder Potter’s Guild, and dreams of one day supporting himself on his art.

CD has come a long way from the days of working fast food, with many medical needs.  Today he administers his own medications, schedules his own Access A Ride trips, advocates for himself, and participates as a member of his team in an admirable capacity.  

We consider CD to be a major success story because not only has he gained many independent skills over the years, but he has gained a sense of self-esteem and confidence in his capabilities, and has learned to reach out and become more integrated into his community over the years. CD teaches us all the value of friendship as he is a loyal and kind friend to all who know him, and displays daily enthusiasm to continue to grow, learn, and be a part of his community.