Erie Village Washburn

Residential Services

In 2009, Community Link began offering residential services and supports. We offer customized supports based on the needs and preferences of the individual. We believe in providing holistic services that support the individual in living a good life, which means having a home they are comfortable in and have rewarding relationships and friendships. It means having choices about what they want to do and when they do it. Individuals are encouraged to engage in their community and we connect our customers to community resources such as behavioral services, day habilitation and social activities to foster natural supports and community integration. We have a nursing consultant that is actively involved and supportive of all medical needs for everyone in our residential services.

Family Caregiver

For some families, the best structure is to continue providing services to their family member directly. This option gives individuals in services the choice to continue living at home and have their family members support their needs.

Host Home

Based on the foster care model, an individual in services resides in the home of his or her host home provider and is supported in the home environment. The host home provider assists with daily needs, meals, medical appointments, and ADLs etc. 

Personal Care Alternative

Those individuals with independent skills to live on their own, but may need occasional in-home or community supports. Staff are available to be with the individual to assist with housekeeping tasks, medical appointments, and community access.