Residential Services

Community Link offers three customized residential options based on the needs and preferences of the individual and their family. In each one, we remain actively engaged in connecting each individual with the community resources they need and want outside of the home, including behavioral services, employment, day programs and social activities.

We go the extra mile to ensure that the services you receive are high-quality, personalized and person-centered. Our customers have a voice and a choice about which home setting will work best for their unique situation and are always treated with compassion, dignity and respect.

No matter which residential model you choose, Community Link will handle the complex paperwork, benefits management, and accounting required by state and federal law, which are overwhelming to navigate alone.

In addition, we offer nursing support services from a caring registered nurse who has been with us for many years and is deeply knowledgeable about the medical needs of the individuals we serve. And, we always have someone on-call to support our families and clients in an emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

“Everything we do at Community Link is in support of helping individuals build happy, healthy lives. When I see clients smiling, laughing and enjoying life just like they should be, that sustains me. My mission as the residential director is to compassionately empower others through quality work, kindness, and shared moments of joy.”

Travis Wilson

Residential Director

Family Caregiver

This option is ideal for families who prefer to continue providing services to their adult family member in the family home. Choosing family caregiver services allows individuals to continue living at home, with family members attending to their primary needs and additional support from Community Link as needed.

In this model, we work with family caregivers to provide the level of support that works best for their family, personalizing the budget to allow caregivers the freedom and independence to meet the needs of their family member, with the desired level of assistance from Community Link.

Host Home

In the host home model, an individual resides in the home of a Host Home Provider (HHP). The HHP is there to support and assist with their daily needs including meals, personal care, medical appointments, administration of medications, housekeeping tasks and transportation to day programs or community activities.

Independent Living

Some individuals have the independent skills needed to live independently, with just occasional in-home or community supports. For those who choose this model, our team is still there to assist with housekeeping, medical appointments, community access and other needs.

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